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80-Ball Bingo

You cut your Bingo teeth as a kid, playing what was then the only Bingo option around. But Bingo has come a long way from being a popular birthday party treat. A time came when you were introduced to 90-ball Bingo. And then you discovered that the game you knew simply as Bingo was now called 75-ball Bingo. But you’re someone who’s always looking for a change of pace. And so along comes 80-Ball Bingo!

80-Ball Bingo

How to Play

The card in 80-ball bingo is similar to the card in 75-ball Bingo, but there are two big differences. The 80-ball bingo card is 4 squares by 4 squares and there isn’t a Free Space. The columns on the 80-ball bingo card all have a different color. From left to right, the colors are red, yellow, blue, and silver.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: the 80-ball bingo card once had shutters, and players used them to cover their numbers. So the game was sometimes called Shutterboard Bingo.

Although the rules are the same as for 75-ball Bingo, the games are somewhat different. Because there are 80 numbers, the games may take a bit longer than in 75-ball Bingo. But there are fewer numbers to cover so some games are shorter. There are hundreds of patterns in 80-ball. Many of them are familiar to you.

Of course, the caller calls out the numbers, but in 80-ball bingo they don’t call the letters B_I_N_G_O! The players cover the numbers on their card(s), and the first to complete the pattern is the winner.


80-ball bingo is just one of several varieties of Bingo being played nowadays. Most Bingo players have their favorite version of the great classic game. But even die-hard fans of one particular version enjoy playing the other versions from time to time. If you’re already familiar with 80-ball bingo you know what an enjoyable version it is. But, if you haven’t tried 80-ball bingo yet, give it a try. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Bingo Journey