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90-Ball Bingo

Americans are certainly familiar with the great game of Bingo. You played it as kids. But that game is quickly making room in the world of Bingo for many different varieties of the game. One such variety that is actually the most popular form of bingo in Great Britain, Australia, and Europe, is called 90-ball bingo. 90-ball bingo is also quickly becoming very popular in North America. Some people who closely follow the trends in the world of Bingo predict that, even in North America, 90-ball bingo will overtake traditional 75-ball Bingo in popularity the near future.

Having said all that we must ask: What is 90-Ball Bingo and why is it so popular?

90-Ball Bingo

How to Play

As is obvious from its name, 90-ball bingo is played with 90 balls or numbers. The card used in 90-ball bingo is quite different than the standard 75-ball Bingo card. The 90-ball bingo card has three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. The game is based on the rows. There are only 5 numbers in each row giving a total of 15 numbers on a card. So there are many open spaces on a 90-ball bingo card.

The numbers are called out without the letters B-I-N-G-O. A 90-ball bingo game is played in three stages. In the first stage players try to cover the five numbers in any row. The second stage has players trying to cover the numbers in any two rows. But here is one of the attractions of 90-ball bingo. After the first stage is played and someone, you we hope! has won, players keep their cards intact for stages two and three.

So if you covered a few numbers but didn’t win stage one, you may be well-positioned to win stage two or even stage three. In stage three, everyone goes for a “full house”. This means they try to cover all 15 numbers on their card. It is true that stage one may be a bit slower than many players like, because of the larger number of balls, but the overall game is faster than 75-ball Bingo. Almost always, different players win the different stages in 90-ball bingo. When it does happen that one player wins all three stages, we say that the lucky player has “scored a hat trick”.

Many online sites offer 90-ball bingo. Even some players who love the patterns and mounting tension of 75-ball Bingo, enjoy the somewhat faster pace of 90-ball bingo. Some sites have even begun to introduce patterns in 90-ball bingo. But it is still usually played in the original form.


As you might expect, online Bingo sites offer first time bonuses. Games can be played for as little as 25 cents. We can now add 90-ball bingo to the list of things Britain has given the world!

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