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Chat Room Bingo

Bingo is popular because of its simplicity! The rules are simple to learn. Everyone has played Bingo since childhood. And it is popular because it is actually a good way to get together with friends. Of course, the chance to win some money adds to the fun. Online Bingo chat rooms offer all the pleasures of Bingo in a friendly environment.

There is a code of ethics that all chat rooms adhere to. It is to be welcoming to new people, to congratulate the winners, and generally to recognize that the chat room is a friendly place for friendly people. Most chat rooms tell their participants to follow the famous four taboos when talking in the room. These are: no talking about personal finances, politics, money etc…..

Well what can people talk about? Everything else! Go into a chat room and find out for yourself. It’s great fun!

Chat Room Bingo

Members or Roomies

Chat room members, or roomies, have developed a rich language of their own. Mostly it is abbreviations. Some are familiar to email users such as LOL for laugh out loud. When you go into a chat room find out the code they use. Among our favorites are “jj” for just joking; and our all-time great combo: “lmao” for laugh my ass off, “rofl” for rolling on the floor laughing, and finally “roflmao” for rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

When you are in a chat room you will be able to participate in one of perhaps hundreds of chat room games. These are really chances to win something “on the side” while regular Bingo is going on. Prizes are often bonus bucks, called BBs. There are also cash prizes or loyalty points. You may find yourself in a chat room where the prizes are something else again. The chat rooms and the games are run by the chat moderator or CM for short.

One variation within the chat room games themselves is “nabors”. These are the players above and below the winner on the list of roomies kept by the CM.

Chat Room Games

Boo: give the CM one number from the B column and two from the O column. When all three have been called write BOO and win BB’s.

Flip flop: choose a pair of numbers that can be reversed such as 01 and 10. When both have been called yell Flip-Flop.

Bumper cars: the nabors of the winner are bumped away and the next nabors win BB’s.

Bathtime: you give the CM a B number and an O number. When both numbers have been called call “bathtime” to win BB’s.


Many people play Bingo because they love the chat rooms. The games you can play when you’re there add even more to the pleasure of a session of Bingo.

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