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Team Bingo

Online Bingo halls are always looking for a new promotion to attract new players. One of the newest promotions is Team Bingo. This new variation is also often misunderstood, and many players don’t join a Team Bingo promotion because of the misunderstanding. So, let’s clear up the misunderstanding at once. In Team Bingo you keep your winnings from individual games you win.

Your team benefits in the team competition when any team member wins a game. The team competition is separate from the individual games. You may get disappointed if you lose a close one, but if the winner is a team member there is the satisfaction that at least the team has benefited. So join up and enjoy the team Bingo concept!

Team Bingo

How to Play

It doesn’t matter if your favorite form of Bingo is 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball, or 90-ball Bingo. The games themselves remain entirely the same as always. Team Bingo is a great addition to the normal play of the games. When a member of a team wins a game his or her team is awarded points. The Team Bingo promotion usually runs for one month.

Team members are encouraged to play as much as they can so their team can have the best possible chance to win the Team Bingo prize. At the end of the promotion, the team that has received the most points wins a prize. The prizes range from generous cash awards to free game cards to really whatever else the Bingo hall considers a fair and equitable prize.


You and your friends can form your own team. Or you can have the online site place you with a team. Team Bingo players say that they really like being part of a team. Even though it’s “only Bingo” it reminds them of when they were part of a team in other competitions.

They often say that it gives them a pleasant nostalgic feeling. Your teammates could live far away. They could live in another country! But the friendship created within the team is real.

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